Patio Doors

Not only does it look good, but it also ‘s secure, strong and gives excellent protection against the weather and shuts out those unwanted noises. The patio door has a slim line appearance and is ideal for entrances into areas when an opening in or out door restrict access or uses up valuable space.

Fifteen Wood Grained Finishes Hundreds Of Colours

With a vast range of designs and finishes the choice for your patio door is endless. You can choose from 15 different grained finishes or select your RAL colour from hundreds of options.


Our PVCu patio doors are manufactured using the most up-to-date modern materials. Back this up with our security guarantee and our 10-year insurance backed product guarantee, you can have confidence in your decision when choosing a “Test Valley Windows” Door.

As Seen on TV

Over a quarter of all domestic heat loss escapes through windows and doors and with spiralling energy bills this can add up to a lot of wasted money. The single most important factor, relating to the energy efficiency of a window, is the glass.

By combining SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ with other specialist glass products available, a multitude of high performance, multi-functional double glazing solutions can be achieved.

Solar Control Glazing
The SGG COOL-LITE family presents an extensive range of solar control solutions, designed to reduce solar heat gain, thereby reducing reliance on ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Low-maintenance Glazing
SGG BIOCLEAN can be combined with SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ to add effective self-cleaning properties to a double glazed unit. This product combination offers a significantly more neutral and less reflective solution compared to equivalent products currently available on the market.

Acoustic Glazing
SGG STADIP SILENCE is an acoustic PVB laminated glass, which noticeably reduces noise while also offering the same safety and security characteristics as laminated glass.

Increasing Solar Gain to Increase Energy Rating
Window Energy Ratings Combining SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ with SGG DIAMANT low-iron glass in the outer pane can improve the energy index of a given window by further increasing solar gain.

Super Spacer

To enhance the thermal efficiency and life of our windows we fit our double glazed units with low conductivity Super Spacer. This replaces the traditional metal bar and helps prevent or eliminate condensation round the edge of the sealed unit. The spacer is manufactured from a high-quality silicon that increases the seal’s durability, is resistant to ozone, UV light and oxidation. All this increases the life expectancy of the sealed unit. A high desiccant content absorbs any moisture that is in the environment during manufacture improving the clarity of the unit.


Security is a definite priority design factor of our In-line patio doors, and all our doors are fitted with a combination of enhanced lock and security handle that make our fantastic door amongst the most secure available.

Locking Systems

Your family and possessions are precious, so having confidence in your security is vital.

Ultion High-Security Euro Cylinder

ultion door locks

At Test Valley windows we do not use standard euro cylinders that can be bumped, picked, and snapped. Millions of doors in the UK can be opened quietly in under 10 seconds with normal tools. Even the most secure multi point hook mechanisms are disabled when the cylinder lock is snapped. Securing your doors with Ultion defends your home from this and all other known Euro cylinder attack methods. Click on the banner above to view a video of how easy it can be to enter a door that does not have 3-star diamond accreditation.


Patio doors are minimalist and only have handles visible. This is available in 4 finishes, Chrome, gold, white and Black.

Letter plates in a finish matching your chosen handle colour are available for patio doors with mid rails.