Composite Doors – GRP Double Glazed Front & Back Doors

Test Valley Windows have supplied and installed composite GRP front and back doors in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Berkshire and Surrey with bases in Andover and Winchester since 1995. Our composite doors are a combination of PVCu, glass reinforced plastic and a number of other materials. They are designed to look like a timber door with the added benefit you gain using low maintenance uPVC. With our many designs, a composite front door will not look out of place in an old cottage or a modern terraced house.

Door Colours

Our composite front doors can be as individual as you like. In addition to our standard colours; Grey, Cream, Chartwell Green, White, Black, Blue, Duck Egg Blue, Red, Poppy Red, Green, Oak and Darkwood, you can choose any RAL colour. Our composite doors’ make the entrance into your home and are the first choice, for most, when it comes to choosing a front door.

You can also choose from a quality range of modern and traditional furniture in gold, chrome, black, stainless steel, white and platinum; it’s easy to see how there are over 900 billion different composite doors.

Thresholds & Drips

Even though it is only 15mm high, and Part M compliant, the low threshold can still be seen from outside. That’s why composite door low thresholds are offered in a choice of finishes.

In the same way that if you order a colour door, the door drip can the same colour. The door drip does a critical job, but with so many beautiful aspects to our door, you won’t want the door drip stealing the eye.

GRP Skinned

To give great definition and long life performance our composite doors use glass reinforced plastic skins. That?s the same material used to make the hulls of boats!

Just a Few of Our Composite Door Designs
4 Panel 1 Arch
4 Panel Sunburst
2 Panel 2 Square 1 Arch
6 Panel
4 Panel 2 Square
2 Panel 4 Square
2 Panel 1 Square
Half Glazed
2 Panel 1 Arch
2 Panel 1 Grill
4 Panel
2 Panel 2 Square
2 Panel 2 Arch
2 Panel 2 Angle

Locking Systems

You can combine many of our locking systems with our furniture options. We offer five lock mechanism options – the ERA Vectis, AV2 “Slam Lock”, Winkhaus Trulock, the Yale YS170, and Fab n Fix Haven.

The ERA Vectis PAS024 Accredited

A cylinder free lock is our latest high-security option. No cylinder means no risk of the door being opened by a burglar snapping, bumping or manipulating the cylinder. Combine this with a hardened steel anti drill plate and the two opposing hook locks, and you have the ultimate secure door. We are so confident in the security of this lock that not only will we replace your door but we will compensate you £500 if you are broken into because the door lock has been broken. This door lock is supplied with 3 Keys.

AV2 Slam Lock

Choose our new Slam lock, and there is no need to lift the handle up to engage the lock. The hooks engage the moment you close the door, then just turn the key to lock fully. With the fixed outside handle option as soon as the door is closed no one can walk in without a key. A demonstration door with this lock is in our showroom.

Yale Key Free

The Yale key free handle is completely wire free, alarmed, and still, combines Police approved secured by design security. Yale key free gives you key pad and remote fob access control to your door. Visit our showroom for a demonstration.

Security Glass

All door glass designs are installed with toughened safety glass as standard. This glass is over four times stronger than float glass, and if it breaks, it does so in a safe manner.

Test Valley windows strive to offer all our customers the ultimate choice and service. With this in mind, we offer our unique security guarantee. To qualify for this guarantee all doors and windows purchased must be upgraded to have our sealed units fitted with laminated glass to either the inner or outer pane. Please note that this option is not available on all glass designs.

Ultion High-Security Euro Cylinder

ultion door locks

At Test Valley windows we do not use standard euro cylinders that can be bumped, picked, and snapped. Millions of doors in the UK can be opened quietly in under 10 seconds with normal tools. Even the most secure multi point hook mechanisms are disabled when the cylinder lock is snapped. Securing your doors with Ultion defends your home from this and all other known Euro cylinder attack methods. Click on the banner above to view a video of how easy it can be to enter a door that does not have 3-star diamond accreditation.


Furniture is available in 2 suites. Stainless steel with a 10-year warranty and Fab & Fix with a 5-year warranty.

304-grade stainless steel furniture has a 10-year anti corrosion guarantee, and because this is the same material used for making sinks, it’s a guarantee that you won’t expect to use!

Our new stainless style extends to polished gold, chrome and black finishes on handles, letter plates, knockers and numerals. The furniture fitted to the inside of the door is the same colour and manufactured with a zinc PVD finish. The lever/lever and lever/pad handles incorporate a spring cassette to eliminate any dropping and has been tested to 50,000 cycles, while the urn knocker is face fixed to remove the need for fixings on the inside of the door.

The letter plate opens to 180 degrees, and even the return spring is stainless steel which was cycle tested to 100,000 operations. The external flap houses a peripheral seal that also forms a full thermal and acoustic barrier.

Fab & Fix furniture has a higher polished, elegant finish and comes with a 5-year warranty. The finish options are chrome, graphite, gold and black. The Hardex coating is incredibly resilient and is over four times more resistant to corrosion than the industry norm.

Glass Design

The images below are just a few of our glass designs which add that extra style to our standard obscure glass range. If you would like to see what a particular door glass would look like on any of our composite door designs, then click on Design Your Unique Door”. You can even down load a picture of your house and place your chosen door over your existing. At Test Valley Windows we do like to make sure you make the right choice for your home and take away any guess work or uncertainty.

Zinc Art Elegance
Zinc Art Abstract
Murano Black
Mackintosh Rose
Crystal Harmony Frost
Crystal Diamond
Crystal Bohemia Green
Brass Art Clarity
3 Drop Diamond Red
Crystal Harmony Blue
Zinc Art Close

Glass Options

In addition to our coloured, bevelled and resign designs (see brochure for full range) our PVCu residential doors are available in clear or Pilkington obscure glass.

Autumn Leaf
Charcoal Sticks