Gable Conservatory

A Gable conservatory creates a room with a higher front and therefore have a roomier feel. By using bi-fold or sliding stacking New Wave doors, this design creates a panoramic view. A new Gable Conservatory by Test Valley Windows will use the latest technology to ensure you will have a well-insulated extension to your home. With the correct combination of energy-efficient glass, solar reflective glazing and insulated walls and floors your new room will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Gable Conservatory Elevations

Elevations on a gable conservatory are made up from a combination of your choice of windows and doors and glazing design options. Our designers will help ensure you incorporate the correct level of ventilation through a combination of doors, window openers and roof vents.
There are numerous designs that you can choose from for the gable frame. The above conservatory has a sunburst gable which was picked out from the detail in the round window, at the top of the picture. A few examples of gable frame options are shown further down this page.
Walls are finished to your requirements with the above conservatory having inlaid panels of flint. Frames are linked using structural joiners and posts, Loggia columns, brickwork or block work so that the weight of the roof is transferred to the foundations and not through the frames.

Internal Finish

Given that a gable frame roof glazing is rectangular, it is far easier (and cheaper) to have blinds fitted. If you would like a glass roof, but also require some privacy, this is a point to take into consideration.

Internal walls can be finished in brick, plaster or panels. There are numerous options for; skirting, window boards, eaves trim, lighting, heating, electric sockets, overhead fans, handle finishes(see window and door sections) and flooring.

Dual colours and woodgrain foils are available to all our conservatories, which means you can have a different colour and finish internally, to what you have externally. This is very popular, with many of our customers choosing a white or cream finish internally, when a darker finish is required externally.

Angled Gable
In-line Gable
Divided Sunburst Gable
Sunburst Gable

The cost of a gable conservatory varies, due to the many parameters, however, a guide price for the supply and installation would be between £8500 and £25000. For a supply only conservatory the price would be considerably less, £2500 to £8000 as much of the costs are in the ground work, base work, electrical, plumbing, flooring and labour. Viewing our slide show video on building a conservatory will give you an insight into the cost difference between a supply only and supply and construction. This video can be found on the side bar, or further down the page if using a mobile or tablet. If you would like a free conservatory design and quote, then please contact us Test Valley Windows have a no pressure sales policy and do not cold call.

All our conservatories are bespoke, so when designing your new room, you can choose from our vast range of windows, glass designs and doors. Your gable conservatory can have a glass or polycarbonate roof a solid roof or combination of both. The side frames can be double or triple glazed with many different options of tinted, laminated self-cleaning etc. (please see below). Test Valley Windows can carry out all the works from start to finish, including ground works and drainage, brickwork, roofing, electrical, plastering, tiling or laminated floors and plumbing.

Roof Options

Test Valley Windows use many roofing systems depending on customers requirements. Our main roofing system is Ultraframe, and the following options are the main design choices of many.

Roof Ventilation
Roof Vents

A roof vent is a fast and efficient way of allowing warm air to leave your conservatory. It is more effective than a window opening through the correct combination of the two is paramount. Our advisers will help you in every step of the design. Roof vents are only available with our glass options. This is because polycarbonate has to breathe, but the roof vent creates a sealed environment resulting in the polycarbonate filling up with moisture. Colour matched to your choice of roof finishing and available in 3 different opening options.

Pole Operated? A screw jack mechanism is operated using a pole. The finish options are chrome and gold.
Switch Control?This is electrically operated from a wall switch.
Climate Control?An electric opener which has the additional benefits of being thermostatically controlled and can close when it rains with the use of sensors. Climate control can also be operated as the switched option.

Trickle ventilation system in the ridge

Ultraframe has developed a ventilation system as warm air rises, to allow this air to escape via the roof, minimising the possibility for condensation to form. This is a controllable vent and can be closed if not required.

Eavesflow (optional)

A controllable vent, that discretely fits, between the top of the side frames and the roof.

Roof Bar Finish

In addition to our standard white PVCu here are just a few of the wood-grained colours available as standard. We can also colour your roof to any RAL colour and match this to the side frames and guttering if you wish.

Chartwell Green
Golden Oak

Ultra-select Options

Ultraselect is a decorative strip that adds classical elegance. The strips simply click into place where the roof joins the side frames enabling you to change the design if you wish.

Roof Glass

Test Valley Windows offer an extensive range of roof glazing options. When designing your conservatory, the choice of a glass or polycarbonate roof is an important one. To have a usable all year round extension a material that deflects heat from the sun and retains the warmth in the winter is required. The factors to take into account are; how sunny is the aspect, is privacy a factor, do you want to allow maximum light into your home and how quiet would you like your room when raining? Taking all these questions into consideration, along with the fact that glass roofs have become more competitively priced, means that around 90% of our roofs are now supplied with glass. Here we explore the sealed unit options offered by Test Valley Windows.

  • Are units made in Pilkington’s dedicated roof glass factory.
  • All roof units are 4-16-4 toughened, gas filled and come with black warm edge spacer
Self Cleaning glass
  • True self-cleaning. Most dirt and grime will wash away when it rains.
  • Choose from:? Pilkington Activ Sun Shade Blue and Sun Shade Neutral
  • – Pilkington Activ in blue or neutral (solar control)
  • – Pilkington Activ clear (NO solar control)
  • – Saint Gobain aqua green (solar control)
Anti Sun glass
  • Choose Anti Sun blue, grey, bronze
  • Soft coat low e (1.1) as standard, on the inner leaf
Standard Clear glass
  • Highest light transmission
  • Soft coat low e (1.1) as standard, on the inner leaf

Roof Glass Options & Specifications

Features & Benefits of a Glass Roof

Quieter – Much quieter when it rains compared to polycarbonate.
Clearer – Unlike polycarbonate, no structural ribs are required Leaving a clear view.
Cleaner – Choose one of our self-cleaning glass, and most dirt and grime will wash away when it rains.
Warmer and Cooler – The combination of reflective glass and our energy saving coated glass will help keep your conservatory cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
U Value – Glass units have a lower U value than polycarbonate which will help keep your conservatory warmer in winter.

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

The thickness of our polycarbonate roof sheets is 25mm or 35mm, with a colour choice of clear, bronze, opal, bronze/opal and solar guard. Due to its better performance, we fit 35mm polycarbonate as standard at no extra cost to you. All are designed to reduce glare and minimise solar heat gain. Bronze/Opal gives a bright internal appearance even on a dull day, reduces solar heat gain and provides privacy. Solarguard limits the potential for heat build-up within the conservatory while allowing light to enter the roof, deflecting solar radiation and reducing solar heat gain by up to 50%, when compared with conventional polycarbonates.

Features and Benefits

Cost Effective – Significant saving compared to glass.
Lightweight and Durable – Quicker and easier to install. Able to use larger sections, giving greater design flexibility.
35mm Multi Chambered Polycarbonate – Extra chambers increasing strength, insulation and sound proofing.
Coloured and Solar control polycarbonate – Excellent solar reflection keeping your conservatory cooler in the summer.
Excellent Value? Keeps your conservatory warmer in winter.

Every effort has been made to ensure the colours of the swatches printed above match as closely as possible the physical sheets. If you are in doubt about the choice of colour and its effect on your proposed conservatory we strongly recommend you ask for a swatch sample before purchase. Test Valley Windows treats polycarbonate as a generic product and will vary its supply base from time to time.

Side Frames

For side frame specification please view our window and door sections.

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